Is Yoga Part of YOUR New Year?

Renee Prymus

As 2017 comes to an end, I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions--maybe you are too. I'm not one to make too many resolutions, although I often find that I set an intention for the year. Last year, my theme became Retreat, and I was able to work three small retreats into my year--no small feat with two tiny children at home! 

As I've started looking ahead to 2018, I've also been updating the website. In the last few days, a number of updates have rolled in, particularly, for the Home Practice page. 

Our Home Practice page is designed to help you, dear friend, draw yoga out of the studio and into your home, into your life. This page contains: 

  • links to classes online
  • PDF downloads of yoga sequences for various prayers and songs
  • book and DVD recommendations
  • other online resources

As I update this page, I wonder if the Holy Spirit is nudging me to make more room for yoga in my own living room. Before kids, I had a whole extra bedroom devoted to yoga. Now, the yoga mats are rolled up in the corner of the living room, waiting, just waiting to unfurl into 2018. 

If yoga is part of your New Year's Resolution, I hope the Home Practice page (and other pages!) becomes an inspiration for you. 

May the God of peace, love, joy be present in your every breath in the coming year!


Photo Credit: "Sunset Yoga" by Andrew Kalat, 2008.