We are writers and teachers, pastors, preachers, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. We are dancers, musicians, and artists, medical doctors, counselors, social workers, and community activists. We are Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Presbyterian, United Church, nondenominational, and more. We are drawn together through our individual and collective experience that yoga and meditation deepens our Christian faith. There is nothing here to buy. We simply feel called to share our experiences with the hope they’ll draw others to deepen their faith through embodied contemplative practices. 

As you browse through the rich and engaging perspectives that have been brought all together in one place here, think of this site as sitting down on a log by the side of the trail with other hikers met along the way. Think of it as looking at the map together and sharing with one another what you have learned thus far on the journey to the clearing in the center of the forest. Those whose maps you will see and whose voices you will hear have learned something important: traveling with others opens us to experience more widely the many and marvelous ways that God comes to us and deepens our communion.

Curated from multiple sources and voices in our community, these articles strive to help those looking for a link between Christianity and yoga. We seek to make sense of the teachings and practice of yoga and how this compares to, contrasts and complements the Christian tradition.

May the time you spend here be a blessing for you!


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