Too Much of a Stretch? Can or Should Christians Practice Yoga?

Way back in February, one of the founders of, Reverend Professor Kevin Flynn, offered a lecture about Christians practicing yoga in Ottawa, Ontario. His lecture was made available to the online public, and it is available for viewing today! 

You can find the link to Fr. Kevin's lecture here, on Saint-Paul University's website (or try this direct link here). You'll need Adobe Connect and/or flash on your computer to be able to view it, but the added tech work to your computer is worth it: Adobe Connect allows you to view both the slides and the lecturer at the same time. 

Kevin Flynn.jpg

Lecture Description: Millions of people in Canada and the United States practise yoga these days. Many are Christians. While some practise yoga simply for perceived health benefits, many find it a helpful spiritual practice. Is yoga, in fact, a spiritual practice that Christians can legitimately undertake? What about the warnings against yoga that are heard from some churches, ranging from the Catholic Church to various evangelical denominations? Are Christians misappropriating the cultural or spiritual practices of Hinduism? The webinar will address these questions and try to situate contemporary Christian practice within the larger context of modern postural yoga. 

Fr. Kevin tackles these questions using both theological discussion and the latest in academic yoga research. The lecture is about an hour long. Make a cup of tea and enjoy!