Write with us! 

We’re always looking for thoughtful posts about yoga and Christianity to publish on our blog. We strive to publish work that ties together the Christian faith with the practice and philosophy of yoga. We want to hear about how you are tying them together.


Editorial Guidelines

In your posts:

·  Aim for equal parts yoga and Christianity, or maybe 40/60, we’re not picky about the ratio. Posts must have substantial elements from both areas.

·    Share your own intellectual and spiritual work! Passing off someone else’s work as your own discredits the work that God is doing in your life. If you quote someone else, please include the reference and/or link to the source.

·  Posts should be focused with one major take-away idea. If you have lots of ideas, write lots of posts! Or pitch us a series of posts.

·  Posts should be anywhere between 400 and 1000 words long. Use short paragraphs and straightforward sentences with active voice. In other words, if you’re the kind of person who knows how to use a semi-colon, use it sparingly.

·  We’re a pretty interdenominational group on this site, so we have a generous understanding of what it means to be “Christian.” We welcome Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox writings that build on the commonalities of what we all believe. We won’t publish anything that might exclude a group of Christians. In the same vein, if you use language specific to your brand of Christianity, please define it (e.g. not everyone will know what “born again” means, so just explain what it means to you). Our editor will work with you if clarity is needed.

·  Email your post (or idea) to Renee at volunteer@christianspracticingyoga.com

Bonus! Send a photo (landscape orientation) to go along with your post! 


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