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We are an organization that studies the intersections of yoga philosophy and Christian theology—and the practices of both—in order to provide support, education, and community for an interdenominational Christian audience. We are working on establishing ourselves as non-profit 501(c)(3).

We envision a time when, through the deep transformative power of Christ, Christians practicing yoga and contemplative prayer make a significant contribution to healing the divides in our lives and in our world.

We value these five practices:

  • The Practice of Yoga and Contemplative Prayer

  • The Practice of Study/Knowledge

  • The Practice of Incarnational Theology (acknowledging the appropriateness of going to God  the way God comes to us: in and through a body)

  • The Practice of Christian Unity

  • The Practice of Community

(learn more about our values in this recent blog post)

We are Christians from a broad range of traditions: Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Presbyterian, United Church, Church of the Savior and a variety of Free Church traditions. The breadth of our network reveals a truth: Christians connect instinctively with an embodied spiritual practice that inclines toward deeper prayer. It is embedded in our spiritual DNA to go to God the way God came to us—in and through the body.

We created this website to share our collected knowledge about the Christian practice of yoga. We volunteer our time and knowledge on this website to help you grow closer to God. Our desire is to encourage Christians practicing yoga! 



The first biennial Christians Practicing Yoga Retreat (affectionately known as Oak Ridge) was held in 2001. Eighteen yoga teachers and practitioners from across the U.S. and Canada dovetailed their summer schedules to participate. Among them were two Catholic priests, two Protestant ministers, three psychotherapists, a medical doctor, a spiritual director, and a retreat center program director. Roughly half had graduate degrees in theology. If the absence of published Christian reflection on yoga is any indication, it may have been the first time in the North American context that a group committed to both yoga and meditation came together for several days to reflect on their experience precisely as Christians.

The continued story of how this network came into being and how it has evolved is recounted in Our History.