Christians Practicing Yoga exists—

  • To provide virtual and physical spaces for Christians of all denominations to network—sharing ideas and experiences regarding Christians practicing yoga in ways coherent with their own faith understanding.
  • To acknowledge the appropriateness in Christian spiritual practice of going to God the way God came to us: in and through a body.
  • To support the inherent connection in yoga’s classical tradition between postural yoga and meditation.
  • To invite those outside of the Christian faith to dialogue and learn more about the ways in which Christians are practicing yoga.
This gathering was going to be “by the people, for the people, and of the people” interested.
— Father Tom Ryan

who we serve

  • Practicing Christians who are going to church but who may be seeking supplementary individual or communal ways of praying that are life-giving 
  • Christians who already meditate and practice yoga and who experience real benefit from it but find little or no support for it in their church community 

  • Yoga teachers who already are or are considering teaching yoga to Christians 

  • Christians who are unsure about these practices—whether for themselves or for others—and seek more information on what the points of connection are between yoga, meditation, and their faith 
  • People of no church background, or whose Christian faith is no longer active 

  • Members of other religions who are simply curious as to what Christian faith has to say about meditation and embodied spiritual practices like yoga