We will not always agree on everything, but we promise to always be respectful of each other’s experiences. We ask that you do the same.

About Comments

When we practice yoga, we are going to God the way God came to us—in and through the body. It is a lived experience of God. Please share your lived experience, your questions, your fears. Please only provide comments that engage with the ideas of the contributor and further the dialogue. We welcome dialogue.

When commenting on another’s experiences, please stay positive. If your lived experience differs from that of another, please share your own experience respectfully. If your comment is rude, disrespectful or does not add to the conversation, we will delete it.

About Dialogue

Dialogue is, by definition, a back-and-forth conversation between two or more people. When we share our ideas and experiences with each other, we learn; we produce knowledge together.

As the Founder of Christians Practicing Yoga and the Director of the Paulist Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, Fr. Tom models dialogue for our community. He teaches us that dialogue between people from different perspectives starts by finding common ground and includes respecting differences.

We strive to emulate those values on this site by including writers from diverse Christian theologies, and we ask that our readers engage in respectful dialogue with us.


When you disagree with something one of us has written, please first notice that disagreement. Be curious about it. What is the nature of that disagreement? How strong is your disagreement? Where do you feel the disagreement in your body?

What is your first inclination for response? How does that response serve you? Serve the writer? How can you engage with the writing that honors both of you—honoring your position while also respecting the writer’s position?