Resources for the home practitioner

Resources for the home practitioner

Like any devotional or physical practice, home practice can take many forms. You can block off a corner of your bedroom or a room of your home, lay out your mat, light a candle, and move as you feel led. Or you can use a DVD or audio aid, practicing in your living room like you would an aerobics video. Or you can practice in your backyard, your neighborhood park. Some people even practice yoga on paddleboards. The possibilities are endless. 

What makes yoga a Christian spiritual practice is the intention of prayer and communion with God in your heart. The following resources are offered as suggestions to guide you in praying with your whole body, mind, and spirit.


Caroline Williams offers YouTube classes online. 

CrossYoga slow flow video

Holy Yoga TV is available for online subscription to yoga classes. 

Soul Strength Prayerful Yoga has Vimeo and YouTube channels and offers a subscription service.

Yahweh Yoga offers online streaming of classes for the home practitioner.

Yoga Chapel offers online classes and series that can be streamed or downloaded for your home practice anywhere in the world.

YogaFaith offers several free classes online through YouTube and several videos on their website: (1) Son-Salutations A&B; (2) trauma-sensitive class; (3) son salutation class; and (4) a 90-min instructional video for purchase (free with book). 


For home practitioners, we offer the following sequences for your exploration.

Additionally, there are books with yoga prayer sequences:

Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life by Roy DeLeon includes body prayer sequences specifically designed for the Psalms. 

Beatitudes, Christ and the Practice of Yoga by Fr. Anthony Randazzo and Madelana Ferrara includes body prayer sequences for praying through the Beatitudes. 


Yoga Prayer DVD by Fr. Thomas Ryan provides several sequences for traditional Christian prayers.

Holy Yoga is a book by Brooke Boone that includes a home practice DVD. 

Scripture Yoga is a book by Susan Neal of Scripture Yoga.

Stretching Your Faith is a book by Michele Thielen of YogaFaith that includes a 90-min instructional video online

Still Waters Christ-Centered Yoga DVD by Kristy DiGeronimo of DiGeronimo Wellness.

Yoga for Christians is a book by Susan Bordenkircher that includes a home practice DVD. 

Yogadevotion: The Book by Cindy Senarighi and Susan Green.

More yoga practice DVDs are also available through the online stores on the Holy Yoga and Yahweh Yoga websites. 



Songs and Prayers from Taizé, see

Cynthia Bourgeault's book Chanting the Psalms includes an instructional CD.



YogaFaith Podcasts

Yoga Mats for a Moving Meditation (

Beatitudes and Yoga at MadMat Salon, an interview with Fr. Anthony Randazzo and Swami Bramhananda Saraswati
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