Free Devotional: Journey to Christmas

Regina Casner, guest blogger

Note from the Editor: One of our members, Regina Casner of One+One Yoga, has written an Advent devotional that includes a 28-day journey through the book of John with yoga.

I love this time of year! I don’t love how too much busy can crowd out the peace and joy that Jesus came to bring!

This year I invite you to join me for a Journey to Christmas: Finding Our Truest Selves As We Embrace God’s Best Gift! The journey includes 3 personal practices: reading God’s Word, Meditation and Yoga. 

Journey to Christmas is offered as a free PDF download. Along with the 28 days of short, mini devotionals, we have opened up our Facebook Group to share free weekly yoga classes, offer helpful tips and hints, meditations, along with an opportunity to join others on the journey!

Regina and her family

Regina and her family

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Prior to beginning a road trip, the first thing I do is pull up Google Maps, and enter where I am starting from, and where I am planning to end up.
For our Journey to Christmas, I am inviting you to do the same. Only instead of physically, I am asking you to begin with self-examination. I know that this can be scary. You might not like what you see, you may love what you see, you may be worried that you will get lost down a rabbit hole and not find your way out, I’m sure the list could go on. I ask that you don’t allow worries to keep you from our journey together. I believe that the Creator of the Universe is bigger then we are. He made us, He knows us, and nothing about us scares Him. He already knows who we are. We need to know who we are so we can let go of the parts of us that aren’t who He intends for us to be.
— Regina Casner, in Journey to Christmas, week one