Introducing Blog Subscriptions! is slowly moving forward with technology, friends! For those of you who have been following our site through the years, you know we've undergone some big changes in the past two years. Last year, our site had a makeover: same great content, new look. 

This year, we're introducing a subscription service: you can have new blog posts sent straight to your in-box! We'll also use this list if we ever move forward with technology again (for example, if we start podcasting). 

A reminder of who we are: we are an ecumenical group of Christians who practice and teach yoga as a way of connecting with God. We are loosely connected: a group of teachers who go on retreat together every other year, practice yoga together, and share what we have been thinking and learning about practicing yoga as Christians.

We realize that Christians connect instinctively with an embodied spiritual practice that inclines toward deeper prayer. It is embedded in our spiritual DNA to go to God the way God came to us—in and through the body.

We created this website to share our collected knowledge about the Christian practice of yoga. We volunteer our time and knowledge on this website to help you grow closer to God. We are not an official organization: we do not sell anything or train teachers. Our desire is to encourage Christians practicing yoga! 

If this blog post appeared in your email inbox, it is because you have either asked to receive it, corresponded with the website, or attended an Oak Ridge retreat in the past. We promise not to sell or give away your email--we also promise not to spam you. You can, of course, unsubscribe. 

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We hope you'll be encouraged by this new technology.

Peace be with you.