2010 Visioning Discussion Audio File


Prior to the recording: The first part of our time together that morning was led by Nikki Peters, who pitched the idea of creating Christian Yoga International--an idea that we didn't see a need for at the time, but we were inspired by, and that we would support if she launched it. Nikki did not end up launching the project. (But another similar project, Christian Yoga Association, was launched last year by Michelle Thielen of YogaFaith and others.) 

In this recording: The second part of the discussion was titled "Discussion on Networking & Maximizing Use of Our Website." That is what you will hear in this recording. And you'll hear familiar voices -- Fr. Tom, Dayna, Sally, Ken, as well as voices no longer heard in our midst. The most active one in this discussion belongs to Andre, a pastor from West Michigan trained through Holy Yoga. After that Oak Ridge, he shifted our website to the WordPress platform (which was important two years later when I took over and only knew WordPress!). 

My hope is that this discussion encourages you and inspires you as you consider goals for our June meeting. How do we want to support, educate, and create community among Christians Practicing Yoga?